Make Your YouTube Ads Skip Proof


Are your YouTube ads being skipped at 6 seconds?

I am constantly waiting for the 6 second mark so I can hit the “skip” button.  Anyone reading this is no different.

I found this video – so you may want to click on the link above.  It’s a 3:30 video by a Youtuber about ads being skipped on Youtube. Once you open it, make note of the time code when you press skip.  I skipped at :20, and that seemed like forever.

I watch YouTube.  It’s my go-to-platform for everything from meditation and spiritual insight to how to fix the outdoor lights or dishwasher.   I admit, I do love Youtube for all different reasons.  Youtube’s CPC (cost-per-click) ad model is great for any advertiser and the rev share model for YouTubers/ and channel owners is a win win.   What I don’t like are bad ads, and lots of them.

In fact, YouTube has a video service for about $250.00 where YouTube sends a small crew to your home or business to shoot a commercial for you.  Maybe you can find out more here,  I don’t know much, but from what  I’ve seen these videos are nicely produced using a script template,  but are missing the key fundamentals of an engaging direct response ad for your business.

As a direct response television writer and producer for 20 years the basic rules ohave never changed.  The biggest rule is to hit the audience with a BIG BOLD and ubiquitous problem in the first 6 seconds, followed by a life changing solution (product or service) which is then backed-up by a great value/offer.

Ask yourself, what will make your customer sit-up, listen and take action?  Better yet, why not  test different scenarios of the opening first 6 seconds and see what happens.

Here are examples of opening lines in actual commercials.  Two of which grossed  over 40 million dollars in sales.   Can you guess which two?   

  1. SAY IT IN 6 SECONDS:  State the problem.   Offer the solution immediately in the following 6 seconds.  Use  “introducing” the product/service” followed by “here’s why” or “here’s how it works.”
  2. DON’T USE GRAPHICS without a powerful voice over, music and sound-affects  and vice versa.  Graphics alone WILL NOT turn heads to look at a screen, audio does.
  3. HERE’S WHY | INTRODUCING | HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:  The product or service’s USP – unique selling proposition– is its features and benefits.  Example:  A ball with a handle.  Feature:  handle.  Benefit:  it’s easy to carry, won’t roll away and hangs on a hook so it doesn’t get in the way.  Use the rule of 3.
  4. A GREAT OFFER CAN GO FIRST:  In the example above of  “If you could look flawless for $19.99, would you?”  It was the first time a price/offer appeared at the top of the DRTV spot.  Adding value through-out the spot making the price of $19.99  irresistible once to the CTA.
  5. FREE OFFERS:  Nothing is free.  Everyone knows this including the FTC.  It’s a tactic, use it wisely.
  6. TESTIMONIALS:  Use testimonials only when they are genuine and good on camera.  A happy customer that’s bad on camera, hurts more than it helps.
  7.  PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED:  It doesn’t matter, if you follow the fundamental rules of engagement.

All great viral videos have one thing in common, a powerful first 6 seconds.

5 Miles Wide and 3 Inches Deep!

Ever wonder why the Viagra commercial talks about a 4 hour erection?  Well Tom Haire, Editor in Chief of Response Magazine ( and John Yarrington, Publisher of Response Magazine and Executive Director of Response Expo ( know exactly why – and it’s not what you think!  The direct response television industry wouldn’t be the same without them; “The Boys” (to men) (what?) (never mind).

I’ve know John and Tom for about 12 years and I have never been so impressed with their business acumen, their commitment to the direct response industry, and the knowledge of its history; current state of the “union” and where its trending in the future.

John came loaded with impressive statistics!  Here’s one:  There was 6.2 billion dollars in direct response TV media billings in 2011- only 20% of that was pure play direct response (you know Shamwow style) – 80% was cross over; big pharma, health care, insurance, technology, etc., Let’s face it and are direct response television (and still can learn a lot from us).  Today engaging the consumer is a must but having knowledge of the fundamentals from where it came is missing from most brand strategist.   If you want to learn about an industry and  know where to go, who to talk to, and how to find your way quickly through the learning curve and to the right players – The Boys have it going on!

Save the date April 2, 3, and 4th 2013 for the Response Expo (San Diego) brought to us by the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance). It’s the “GO TO” event of the year.  Everyone who’s anyone in direct response will be there!  Plus they give Kick Ass Parties and Golf Tourneys.  Thanks for listening!  Like us on C Spot Talk Facebook page…:)   See you at Response Expo!

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The Californians and CPC’s!

Years ago I wrote an article about how direct response marketing was laden with acronyms and how each day there are more and more.  It could not be more true than today.  MER, CPC, CPA, SEM, SEO, KPI, GRP, API, CPM & SNL…?  Hannah Bubis, Founder and Owner of Hub Net Media ( was in-studio Thursday (with her body guard Lisa).  It was a fast paced super fun and informative show.  Hannah is a twelve year veteran of the online media and marketing space where she’s developed profitable campaigns for, Accenture, The New York Times, Chase Manhattan and QuickSilver (to name a few)!

Quirky, beautiful and smart as they come, her expertise and passion in paid search led to the birth of Hub Net Media where her team works with advertisers, ad providers, publishers and search affiliate networks to develop CPC (cost per click) solutions.

I pretty much got it out of her what the hell all of the acronyms mean (okay 50%) but what’s more is we shared a moment of 2 true SNL Californians!

The Californians

2,000 Cheese Cakes…really?

Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.
Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Cheryl Canter-Valesella, Owner of “Baked it Myself” Event and Catering company is in the house and I am loving it!  What an inspiration – we totally rocked it today.

It’s not easy – it’s hard work to start to have your own business, never mind how scary it is!  But what do you do when the light goes on and the door opens?   Do you take it?   Or do you say, “Next year…”  14 years ago Cheryl’s 4th of July cake would change her life and… catering in Hollywood.  Forever.  In fact, Lisa Kudrow, Cheryl’s friend; and Phoebe Buffay on the sitcom Friends said, “You can name it “I Baked it Myself” because I won’t have to lie if someone asks me.”  Love it!

After the show I got to thinking – what was the message today?   What if Cheryl didn’t go to that BBQ on 4th of July?  Or brought the cake?  What’s it really about?  Is it being in the right place at the right time?  Or is it realizing that you are always in the right place?  So, are you still waiting to bake your cake for the BBQ?  It’s said that entrepreneurs aren’t made, they’re born.  It couldn’t be more true than with Cheryl.   In 50 minutes she manages to be organically inspiring about how hard work, long hours, and lot’s of sugar – makes the medicine go down!  It’s conversation as usual at The C Spot – so press play and enjoy.

BTW – You have to check out and see who in Hollywood is eating brownies, snicker doodles, lemon bars, cheese cake, banana coconut pudding, prosciutto and pears, brie and catsup, mac and cheese, Jell-O shots, bread pudding, raw tuna, cooked tuna, blue tuna…   Make sure to leave us a review if listening on iTunes, or C Spot Talk  [FB] or 140 @cspottalk

Ahora Hable Espanol!

Have you ever wondered how to effectively reach the US Hispanic market with your brand message to increase your ROI?  Well, Denira Borrero, COO of Omni Direct, a full service US Hispanic direct response company located in Miami, FL, ( is today’s guest and an encyclopedia of marketing know-how!

Since the purchasing power of 59 million US Hispanics is growing, brands and retailers alike are jumping in head first.  But is that smart?  Are they aware of the secrets to multi-cultural marketing?  What can they learn from direct response marketers who have sold billions of dollars in product by engaging the Hispanic community through targeted television and specialized tactics?  The C Spot is about marketing advice and today’s show is full of it…advice that is.  So, if you think 20% of the US population can be ignored because “they” don’t have purchasing power… then I suggest you give Mitt a call, and buy a box of Kleenex.

Denira Borrero has an MBA from Columbia University Business School and a BS from SUNY Binghamton School of Management.  Currently she is serving on the Electronic Retailing Association’s Board of Directors, and is Chair of the US Hispanic Council.  Denira is responsible for all digital marketing initiatives at Omni Direct, Inc.  @cspottalk  @cdirectresponse

It all grows in the Petry Dish

Today The C Spot features guest expert Rick Petry a long time colleague and direct marketing professional. Rick helped build Tyee in Portland, and then transitioned with Tyee as it became part of  Euro RSCG, which is now called Havas Edge (I think there was one more name in between Tyee and Euro).  On his own since 2005, Rick helps  B2C and B2B marketers optimize campaigns for both products and services.  Just wrote his 100th column for Electronic Retailer magazine and produced a hilarious sizzle for Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) Marketer of the Year event in September 2012.

As the only male member of the online site – – you can bet he’s an interesting guy.

We talk Obama,, House Youtube, MySpace Closet, Jennifer Lopez in a Fiat, Facebook Exchange’s love for direct response and our love for scarcity tactics.   Wait for it…there really is more – but time is running out so listen now!  @cspottalk @cdirectresponse  available Itunes Podcast Free download.