2,000 Cheese Cakes…really?

Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.
Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Cheryl Canter-Valesella, Owner of “Baked it Myself” Event and Catering company is in the house and I am loving it!  What an inspiration – we totally rocked it today.

It’s not easy – it’s hard work to start to have your own business, never mind how scary it is!  But what do you do when the light goes on and the door opens?   Do you take it?   Or do you say, “Next year…”  14 years ago Cheryl’s 4th of July cake would change her life and… catering in Hollywood.  Forever.  In fact, Lisa Kudrow, Cheryl’s friend; and Phoebe Buffay on the sitcom Friends said, “You can name it “I Baked it Myself” because I won’t have to lie if someone asks me.”  Love it!

After the show I got to thinking – what was the message today?   What if Cheryl didn’t go to that BBQ on 4th of July?  Or brought the cake?  What’s it really about?  Is it being in the right place at the right time?  Or is it realizing that you are always in the right place?  So, are you still waiting to bake your cake for the BBQ?  It’s said that entrepreneurs aren’t made, they’re born.  It couldn’t be more true than with Cheryl.   In 50 minutes she manages to be organically inspiring about how hard work, long hours, and lot’s of sugar – makes the medicine go down!  It’s conversation as usual at The C Spot – so press play and enjoy.

BTW – You have to check out www.bakeditmyself.com and see who in Hollywood is eating brownies, snicker doodles, lemon bars, cheese cake, banana coconut pudding, prosciutto and pears, brie and catsup, mac and cheese, Jell-O shots, bread pudding, raw tuna, cooked tuna, blue tuna…   Make sure to leave us a review if listening on iTunes, or C Spot Talk  [FB] or 140 @cspottalk