Ann-Twat Pera-Gine-ah Lives!

In studio is the one, the only, the amazing….drum role…ANN -TWAT PERA-GINE-AH!  Once upon a time on a stage at the Comedy Club in L.A., the true story of a tortured young Italian girl from Brooklyn came to be told and then became a Hollywood Urban Legend. As a stand up comic, my guest told it like it was for her growing up in Brooklyn – it was hysterical then and still is today.  You see in Brooklyn you don’t survive without a street name so from the ever so dainty Antoinette Peragine, came Ann-TWAT Pera-GINE-ah!  Even the nuns at her all girls catholic high school knew her as Ann-Twat.  What they didn’t know was that she would become a woman of incredible accomplishments!  Perhaps it was that name that gave Antoinette the drive and bravado to take on anything that came her way – to meet fear head on.
I am so lucky to know this lady…and even luckier to have her in-studio with me today.  As Tina, in the Off Broadway play, Tony and Tina’s Wedding, she married “Tony” 365 times and then 10 years later… married him for real!  Today she is known as the “ Wedding Buddha” from her appearance on a TLC reality show where she honed in on her ability to create magical weddings [].  On top of that she staffs over 1,000 events a year with her “Before the Party” event staffing business. Whew… I’m out of breath… Antoinette is a remarkable woman who brings light and love to all she meets.  You may never have a chance to meet her – and that’s okay because she shares her wisdom and passion for life and success on today’s show!
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5 Miles Wide and 3 Inches Deep!

Ever wonder why the Viagra commercial talks about a 4 hour erection?  Well Tom Haire, Editor in Chief of Response Magazine ( and John Yarrington, Publisher of Response Magazine and Executive Director of Response Expo ( know exactly why – and it’s not what you think!  The direct response television industry wouldn’t be the same without them; “The Boys” (to men) (what?) (never mind).

I’ve know John and Tom for about 12 years and I have never been so impressed with their business acumen, their commitment to the direct response industry, and the knowledge of its history; current state of the “union” and where its trending in the future.

John came loaded with impressive statistics!  Here’s one:  There was 6.2 billion dollars in direct response TV media billings in 2011- only 20% of that was pure play direct response (you know Shamwow style) – 80% was cross over; big pharma, health care, insurance, technology, etc., Let’s face it and are direct response television (and still can learn a lot from us).  Today engaging the consumer is a must but having knowledge of the fundamentals from where it came is missing from most brand strategist.   If you want to learn about an industry and  know where to go, who to talk to, and how to find your way quickly through the learning curve and to the right players – The Boys have it going on!

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