The Californians and CPC’s!

Years ago I wrote an article about how direct response marketing was laden with acronyms and how each day there are more and more.  It could not be more true than today.  MER, CPC, CPA, SEM, SEO, KPI, GRP, API, CPM & SNL…?  Hannah Bubis, Founder and Owner of Hub Net Media ( was in-studio Thursday (with her body guard Lisa).  It was a fast paced super fun and informative show.  Hannah is a twelve year veteran of the online media and marketing space where she’s developed profitable campaigns for, Accenture, The New York Times, Chase Manhattan and QuickSilver (to name a few)!

Quirky, beautiful and smart as they come, her expertise and passion in paid search led to the birth of Hub Net Media where her team works with advertisers, ad providers, publishers and search affiliate networks to develop CPC (cost per click) solutions.

I pretty much got it out of her what the hell all of the acronyms mean (okay 50%) but what’s more is we shared a moment of 2 true SNL Californians!

The Californians