Get ready to enter the No Fly Zone!

Daynin Dashefsky, President and founder of The Inventors World Network, Inc., is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur and one of the most amazing ladies on this planet!  Daynin is packed full of energy, wisdom and experience.  It’s been about 10 years since I first met Daynin as a new inventor with her No Fly Zone at a showcase in Las Vegas.  After mentoring her in 1999 for a short time, Daynin went on to become a successful entrepreneur and inventor advocate.    If you are an inventor or an entrepreneur with a product – like I always say, this is the show you need to listen to!   You can get Daynin’s Inventors World Network DVD series for only $99.00 (usually $399.00) when you mention The C Spot! Just contact her at

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I have wanted to have Joe Jaffe on my show ever since we met one cold and dreary night in Indiana.  Although I didn’t have a radio show at the time, nor did I ever think I would but since I do now, it’s a good opening for the show notes.  Joseph Jaffe is a marketing and advertising expert and successful author of  3 books “Life after the 30 Second Spot”, “Join the Conversation” and “Flip the Funnel”.  All must reads (me included – I must read them!)  Joe’s attitude and passion for doing the right thing and truly seeing the bright side is complemented by his sense of humor and engaging presence.  Of course his knowledge, creativity, and expertise always leave his audience with much to think about.   Joe’s latest venture is  “Evolution” – or is it “Evolation” hmm. His new company is a unique play on marrying start ups  with brands.  It may sound odd, and it is different, but it’s really worth a listen because there is something to this “link” that is really helping start ups and brands come together in a very contemporary way.  If you think you may have the NEXT BIG THING then listen to what Joe has to say…personally, I could listen to Joe all day, and I think he could listen to Joe all day, but hey don’t we all listen to ourselves all day anyway?  You can find Joe at and – or you could just Google… “Joe”.  Thanks for listening and enjoy, life.

Passion & Love Etched in Stone!

I am so blessed to have two of the most creative people I have ever met on my show today – Jay and Crystal Nadeau of the Nadeau Collection, .  The most inspiring young couple that took a passion for artisan tile work, and created a world renown brand.  This is a true entrepreneurial heartwarming story of a couple that complement each other and make this world a better place.  Here is a tidbit about their creations, together.

Translating design influences from throughout the world and across time, the Nadeau Collection celebrates the artistic heritage of ancient and indigenous cultures, as well as modern Asian, Indian, European, African, and South American folk and fine art traditions. The Nadeau design team eagerly explores these sources for new patterns while experimenting with size, scale, and selection of stone and glass. The end results are designs that enable the natural beauty of these tiles to complement the unique character of your home.

Every show brings something new to the curious about bringing a product to market even if that product is you, and today it couldn’t have been more true.


My guest in-studio today is Anyes Galleani,, as a visual artist/photographer living in downtown Los Angeles since 1992, Anyes put the “art” in L.A.’s downtown “Art District” and is one of a handful of preeminent local visual artists.    Over the years she created photomontages (before photoshop), collages, digital art, videos and paintings.  Her evocative work has been featured in dozens of magazines, venues and exhibits and has been complementing residential and commercial and corporate environments for the past 15 years.

You might be asking how does a visual artist fit into the show’s core topic of “Bringing a product to market even if that product is you”? Well, artists (including actors, writers, musicians, etc.) lament about their creativity and passion, but are not very good nor interested in business and marketing.  This can be a problem!   Anyes is not only a remarkable visual artist but her left brain works too for business & marketing.  It should have been a “good thing” but it was distracting…tune-in to find out how she tamed here left brain and tackled her personal fears.  This is a must listen because metaphorically speaking we are all  hanging on a wall open for criticism.

Anyes was born and raised on the Italian Riviera and came to California in the 1980’s to study film and photography – she soon found herself photographing celebrities and off on an amazing journey in life.  I’ve been lucky to be part of that journey for the past 17 years.   There is no one quite like Anyes Galleani!

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Does it always rain on Portland?

This week I too am a listener and what a fun, interesting, wacky, eclectic, looking-for-love, subconscious kind of Valentine’s Day show today! With great featured guest, Certified Hypnotherapist JOE TABBANELLA, his wife [and former guest] ANTOINETTE PERAGINE, (Tony and Tiny of Tony and Tina’s Off Off Broadway play) and gracious callers Portland and Jennifer, discuss how to use your mind to get what you want out of life.  Then there was Peter who was stuck in the parking garage because the elevator wasn’t working and since Peter is confined to a wheel chair Tracy decided she would patch him from the depths of “Hell”.  Although I have to disagree on “Hell” as I think the parking garage is a lovely place where I find Carlos, an angel in disguise each week.  Tracy Metro does take us on a wonderful departure from “marketing” talk but I’m back on the 21st to get those engines started again!  Take a listen and learn how to get what you want in life and how hypnosis can help!

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Metro Mars and Fish – Oh My!

Tracy Metro ( filled in for me today and brought with her the most fascinating guest EVER! Albert Fisher, an award winning Writer, Director, Producer and Network Executive joins the bubbliest personality in Hollywood (make sure to check out Tracy’s credits too) and together take you on a “personal” journey from 1951, the Golden Age of Television, to 2013 the Digital Age of Reality Television…did I just say that?. Please check out Albert’s site at while you listen…you know like going to a museum and renting the recorded head sets – only in reverse.

Kick up your feet for the next 50 minutes and travel back to when Elvis Presley was young, Frank Sinatra was looking for a job, Steven Spielberg, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Merv Griffin, Ted Mac, and John Glenn where riding high in Hollywood or not so high but on their way. Find out who coined the phrase Close Encounters of the 1, 2nd and 3rd Kind; and how Mars Rocks, Patty Hearst, The Hoboken 4, 1962 World’s Fair and, wait for it… UFO’s share 1 degree of separation. Thanks for listening.

Cool Beans, Hot Sh-t & The “Nasty” C Spot

Bob Knorpp, the infamous host of the number 1 marketing podcast, “The Bean Cast” – joins me today for a heated discussion about branding, direct response, efficiencies and pool tables. You see, I’ve been a guest on Bob’s show, which I enjoy listening to each week, but today it was about Bob being on my show, damn it.   No doubt he knows how to pitch because he did a great job for the first 15 minutes.  (I couldn’t get a word in edgewise…) I’ve got to take lessons from him.  It’s an interesting conversation that stems from a brand’s internal operations being key to their overall marketing success.  Difficult to explain, yes.  But Bob, again, does a great job in the first 15 minutes.  I agree and disagree with Bob today – but not so much on “operational branding” but it being the solely the key to unlocking  paid, owned and earned media in order to develop the brand from within as opposed to “without” – what? You have to listen…  This is a complete departure for The C Spot as I go head to head with the Cool Bean himself.  BTW Bob named my show a year ago and I come to find how he is embarrassed because it’s so “nasty”.  Say what? @cspotalk @cdirectresponse

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Ann-Twat Pera-Gine-ah Lives!

In studio is the one, the only, the amazing….drum role…ANN -TWAT PERA-GINE-AH!  Once upon a time on a stage at the Comedy Club in L.A., the true story of a tortured young Italian girl from Brooklyn came to be told and then became a Hollywood Urban Legend. As a stand up comic, my guest told it like it was for her growing up in Brooklyn – it was hysterical then and still is today.  You see in Brooklyn you don’t survive without a street name so from the ever so dainty Antoinette Peragine, came Ann-TWAT Pera-GINE-ah!  Even the nuns at her all girls catholic high school knew her as Ann-Twat.  What they didn’t know was that she would become a woman of incredible accomplishments!  Perhaps it was that name that gave Antoinette the drive and bravado to take on anything that came her way – to meet fear head on.
I am so lucky to know this lady…and even luckier to have her in-studio with me today.  As Tina, in the Off Broadway play, Tony and Tina’s Wedding, she married “Tony” 365 times and then 10 years later… married him for real!  Today she is known as the “ Wedding Buddha” from her appearance on a TLC reality show where she honed in on her ability to create magical weddings [].  On top of that she staffs over 1,000 events a year with her “Before the Party” event staffing business. Whew… I’m out of breath… Antoinette is a remarkable woman who brings light and love to all she meets.  You may never have a chance to meet her – and that’s okay because she shares her wisdom and passion for life and success on today’s show!
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5 Miles Wide and 3 Inches Deep!

Ever wonder why the Viagra commercial talks about a 4 hour erection?  Well Tom Haire, Editor in Chief of Response Magazine ( and John Yarrington, Publisher of Response Magazine and Executive Director of Response Expo ( know exactly why – and it’s not what you think!  The direct response television industry wouldn’t be the same without them; “The Boys” (to men) (what?) (never mind).

I’ve know John and Tom for about 12 years and I have never been so impressed with their business acumen, their commitment to the direct response industry, and the knowledge of its history; current state of the “union” and where its trending in the future.

John came loaded with impressive statistics!  Here’s one:  There was 6.2 billion dollars in direct response TV media billings in 2011- only 20% of that was pure play direct response (you know Shamwow style) – 80% was cross over; big pharma, health care, insurance, technology, etc., Let’s face it and are direct response television (and still can learn a lot from us).  Today engaging the consumer is a must but having knowledge of the fundamentals from where it came is missing from most brand strategist.   If you want to learn about an industry and  know where to go, who to talk to, and how to find your way quickly through the learning curve and to the right players – The Boys have it going on!

Save the date April 2, 3, and 4th 2013 for the Response Expo (San Diego) brought to us by the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance). It’s the “GO TO” event of the year.  Everyone who’s anyone in direct response will be there!  Plus they give Kick Ass Parties and Golf Tourneys.  Thanks for listening!  Like us on C Spot Talk Facebook page…:)   See you at Response Expo!

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2 Persians and a Jew

Marketing – Marketing and more Marketing! Or is it? Today’s show features 2 very different people with one thing in common, their roots are in Iran. Nadia Lessani, currently with C Spot Run Direct ( as the leader of the “Free US Hispanic World” came to the USA 30 years ago with her parents and Shah Sharyari came to the USA only 10 years ago. Both tell their own personal story of how to become a successful entrepreneur. This is one of those shows that bring humor, passion, truth and personal secrets to the forefront and give great tips on how to overcome challenges and live your dream. Oh, BTW. I’m the Jew. 🙂 Nadia built the US Hispanic direct response industry back in 2002 having the foresight into the buying power of 49 millions Hispanics. And Shah owns ABSS4L automotive with the exclusive rights to a specialize coating for cars from the Netherlands. Odd couple? Maybe. Great show? Absolutely. It’s the fastest 50 minutes you’ll ever listen to, so you better get started!