5 Miles Wide and 3 Inches Deep!

Ever wonder why the Viagra commercial talks about a 4 hour erection?  Well Tom Haire, Editor in Chief of Response Magazine (ResponseMagazine.com) and John Yarrington, Publisher of Response Magazine and Executive Director of Response Expo (ResponseExpo.com) know exactly why – and it’s not what you think!  The direct response television industry wouldn’t be the same without them; “The Boys” (to men) (what?) (never mind).

I’ve know John and Tom for about 12 years and I have never been so impressed with their business acumen, their commitment to the direct response industry, and the knowledge of its history; current state of the “union” and where its trending in the future.

John came loaded with impressive statistics!  Here’s one:  There was 6.2 billion dollars in direct response TV media billings in 2011- only 20% of that was pure play direct response (you know Shamwow style) – 80% was cross over; big pharma, health care, insurance, technology, etc., Let’s face it Progressive.com and Geico.com are direct response television (and still can learn a lot from us).  Today engaging the consumer is a must but having knowledge of the fundamentals from where it came is missing from most brand strategist.   If you want to learn about an industry and  know where to go, who to talk to, and how to find your way quickly through the learning curve and to the right players – The Boys have it going on!

Save the date April 2, 3, and 4th 2013 for the Response Expo (San Diego) brought to us by the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance). It’s the “GO TO” event of the year.  Everyone who’s anyone in direct response will be there!  Plus they give Kick Ass Parties and Golf Tourneys.  Thanks for listening!  Like us on C Spot Talk Facebook page…:)  cspotrun.com   See you at Response Expo!

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