BEFORE NOW – Rock and Roll with a Twist!

Jose Luis “Chocs” Campos sent me an email asking if he could be on The C Spot to promote his band, Before Now, and their gig at The Mint on August 16th, in Los Angeles.  I didn’t hesitate, even though Alternative Rock is not my thing, as I admired his passion to market the band.  I agreed as long as we talked about what it takes to self market an Alternative Rock and Roll band and build a following in today’s digital space.  Chocs came to L.A. In 2004 from Mexico, to pursue his dreams and is quite the established “new generation master of percussion.”  Chris Poulson, drummer turned Lead Vocalist, joined us in-studio.  Khris Campbell and Kevin Wolfe, the other 2 band members unfortunately couldn’t join us.  I fell in love.   With these two extremely talent young men with a desire to Make it No Matter What!  This is what I’m talk’n about when I say, “bringing a product to market even if the product is you”, and why I love The C Spot.  “Rock and Roll is really here to stay!” tells it all!  – Enjoy!

2 Persians and a Jew

Marketing – Marketing and more Marketing! Or is it? Today’s show features 2 very different people with one thing in common, their roots are in Iran. Nadia Lessani, currently with C Spot Run Direct ( as the leader of the “Free US Hispanic World” came to the USA 30 years ago with her parents and Shah Sharyari came to the USA only 10 years ago. Both tell their own personal story of how to become a successful entrepreneur. This is one of those shows that bring humor, passion, truth and personal secrets to the forefront and give great tips on how to overcome challenges and live your dream. Oh, BTW. I’m the Jew. 🙂 Nadia built the US Hispanic direct response industry back in 2002 having the foresight into the buying power of 49 millions Hispanics. And Shah owns ABSS4L automotive with the exclusive rights to a specialize coating for cars from the Netherlands. Odd couple? Maybe. Great show? Absolutely. It’s the fastest 50 minutes you’ll ever listen to, so you better get started!

Life is Better with Peter

Today’s show is all about challenge and inspiration.  Peter Soby, my right hand, friend and social media master is my guest today.  At the ripe age of 19 years old Peter, already a successful entrepreneur, found himself paralyzed from a spinal cord injury from the neck down, after diving into unknown shallow waters one hot summer night.  I thought it was appropriate to end 2012 with a show dedicated to Peter because he brings to The C Spot a POV on life and it’s challenges, on being an entrepreneur and how face challenges head on to follow your dreams.  Peter’s story about coming to Hollywood and his run ins with famous producers is hilarious.  A writer, producer and director Peter’s true passion is on opening a Donut Shop by 2014.  I know. But that’s what he wants – and I’m sure he will get it!  This is one of those stories that make us look in the mirror and say “What the heck am I complaining about?”   Personally, I believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and Peter Soby  reminds me every day of how life is to be celebrated even if it means spending it in a wheelchair.  The most gracious and humble person I know that is truly committed to making the lives of those around him better.  Let the next 50 minutes change your life.  You can contact Peter at  or find him on Facebook.  Thanks for a great year everyone!

The Californians and CPC’s!

Years ago I wrote an article about how direct response marketing was laden with acronyms and how each day there are more and more.  It could not be more true than today.  MER, CPC, CPA, SEM, SEO, KPI, GRP, API, CPM & SNL…?  Hannah Bubis, Founder and Owner of Hub Net Media ( was in-studio Thursday (with her body guard Lisa).  It was a fast paced super fun and informative show.  Hannah is a twelve year veteran of the online media and marketing space where she’s developed profitable campaigns for, Accenture, The New York Times, Chase Manhattan and QuickSilver (to name a few)!

Quirky, beautiful and smart as they come, her expertise and passion in paid search led to the birth of Hub Net Media where her team works with advertisers, ad providers, publishers and search affiliate networks to develop CPC (cost per click) solutions.

I pretty much got it out of her what the hell all of the acronyms mean (okay 50%) but what’s more is we shared a moment of 2 true SNL Californians!

The Californians

2,000 Cheese Cakes…really?

Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.
Holding gift boxes full of delicious cookies from I Baked it Myself after the show.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Cheryl Canter-Valesella, Owner of “Baked it Myself” Event and Catering company is in the house and I am loving it!  What an inspiration – we totally rocked it today.

It’s not easy – it’s hard work to start to have your own business, never mind how scary it is!  But what do you do when the light goes on and the door opens?   Do you take it?   Or do you say, “Next year…”  14 years ago Cheryl’s 4th of July cake would change her life and… catering in Hollywood.  Forever.  In fact, Lisa Kudrow, Cheryl’s friend; and Phoebe Buffay on the sitcom Friends said, “You can name it “I Baked it Myself” because I won’t have to lie if someone asks me.”  Love it!

After the show I got to thinking – what was the message today?   What if Cheryl didn’t go to that BBQ on 4th of July?  Or brought the cake?  What’s it really about?  Is it being in the right place at the right time?  Or is it realizing that you are always in the right place?  So, are you still waiting to bake your cake for the BBQ?  It’s said that entrepreneurs aren’t made, they’re born.  It couldn’t be more true than with Cheryl.   In 50 minutes she manages to be organically inspiring about how hard work, long hours, and lot’s of sugar – makes the medicine go down!  It’s conversation as usual at The C Spot – so press play and enjoy.

BTW – You have to check out and see who in Hollywood is eating brownies, snicker doodles, lemon bars, cheese cake, banana coconut pudding, prosciutto and pears, brie and catsup, mac and cheese, Jell-O shots, bread pudding, raw tuna, cooked tuna, blue tuna…   Make sure to leave us a review if listening on iTunes, or C Spot Talk  [FB] or 140 @cspottalk

Ahora Hable Espanol!

Have you ever wondered how to effectively reach the US Hispanic market with your brand message to increase your ROI?  Well, Denira Borrero, COO of Omni Direct, a full service US Hispanic direct response company located in Miami, FL, ( is today’s guest and an encyclopedia of marketing know-how!

Since the purchasing power of 59 million US Hispanics is growing, brands and retailers alike are jumping in head first.  But is that smart?  Are they aware of the secrets to multi-cultural marketing?  What can they learn from direct response marketers who have sold billions of dollars in product by engaging the Hispanic community through targeted television and specialized tactics?  The C Spot is about marketing advice and today’s show is full of it…advice that is.  So, if you think 20% of the US population can be ignored because “they” don’t have purchasing power… then I suggest you give Mitt a call, and buy a box of Kleenex.

Denira Borrero has an MBA from Columbia University Business School and a BS from SUNY Binghamton School of Management.  Currently she is serving on the Electronic Retailing Association’s Board of Directors, and is Chair of the US Hispanic Council.  Denira is responsible for all digital marketing initiatives at Omni Direct, Inc.  @cspottalk  @cdirectresponse

It all grows in the Petry Dish

Today The C Spot features guest expert Rick Petry a long time colleague and direct marketing professional. Rick helped build Tyee in Portland, and then transitioned with Tyee as it became part of  Euro RSCG, which is now called Havas Edge (I think there was one more name in between Tyee and Euro).  On his own since 2005, Rick helps  B2C and B2B marketers optimize campaigns for both products and services.  Just wrote his 100th column for Electronic Retailer magazine and produced a hilarious sizzle for Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) Marketer of the Year event in September 2012.

As the only male member of the online site – – you can bet he’s an interesting guy.

We talk Obama,, House Youtube, MySpace Closet, Jennifer Lopez in a Fiat, Facebook Exchange’s love for direct response and our love for scarcity tactics.   Wait for it…there really is more – but time is running out so listen now!  @cspottalk @cdirectresponse  available Itunes Podcast Free download.

It’s Data and Dollars Dude!

My guest today is amazing – and I love her to death!  Nancy Duitch is a successful and influential entrepreneur and CEO with thirty years retail and direct to consumer marketing experience.  With direct response quickly becoming the key to success in today’s marketing world it’s time to embrace the proper way to execute a marketing campaign – and we really let everyone know exactly what it takes and what it doesn’t take!  There is just so much information in this show that I can’t find the words – so take a listen to this powerful 50 minutes whether you are a CMO, brand manager, agency or Inventor – it’s all stuff you need to know!

But wait there’s more!  Between Nancy and I we have grossed over 4 billions dollars in product sales.  That’s right – 4 billion dollars!  @cspottalk

Keeping up with the Crouthers

Thinking about direct response?  This is a must listen for inventor, entrepreneur, marketer, CMO, ad agencies and brands.

My guest today is Doug Crouthers, currently Director of New Biz at Media Stream Direct,, and one of the smartest guys I know.  Doug has over a decade of experience on the call center side where he worked his way up the ladder at Tony Hoffman Productions from taking sales calls to Vice President of Sales.

I had heard about Doug’s work at Irwin Naturals where he built a call center from the ground up in record time and held the post of VP of Teleservices from late 2005 until 2010.   Since he came to Irwin a month after my departure in late 2005, I thought of him as an urban legend up until a year ago when we met at an industry event.  Never having talked for more than 10 minutes since I realized today before the show that we had an enormous amount in common.  It was like I had found someone that spoke my native tongue in a foreign country.  You see there are a few things that are huge bones of contention for me and today I was finally able to discuss openly CLIENT SIDE CAMPAIGN CONSULTING/MANAGEMENT.  We talk in depth about what it really takes to offer this service and why it’s critical to understand the scope of work and the responsibilities that comes with the title.  After you listen – ask yourself….”Are you in good hands?” @cspottalk