RED is the new color of money!

Saturday mornings on your local stations is filled with infomercials – in fact there are entire stations dedicated to only airing 30 minute infomercials.  Patrick Raymond, Owner, Writer, Executive DR Strategist (I left out the TV as I had that expression) of Raymond Entertainment Direct, {RED} brings 21 years as a creative professional to the table and the microphone.  Today we discuss how direct response creative agencies (now being called branded entertainment) are very different than general market agencies. We’ve been doing performance based marketing for 20 years – so our clients (RED’s and CSRP’s) rely on us for much more than to produce a commercial.  Learn what it involves and how deep the client relationship runs.  Today we dish about using celebrities; what Kathy Ireland is up to; secrets to great testimonials, and much much more.  (You saw that one coming!)  I love when I have one of my close colleagues (and competition) on the show – it’s just so much fun to talk shop and leave some great direct response marketing tips for everyone to enjoy!  The C Spot is unplugged conversation – we just let it flow.  Enjoy the Show!

Listen to the show here:

Concept Creative Content Cauly & Cooper

Pat Cauley, Creative Producer for Raymond Entertainment in Los Angeles (, joined me in-studio this past Thursday to discuss his secret to creating content that sells your product (even if that product is YOU).  As an award winning journalist, Pat has emerged as a distinct voice in the direct response space – not an easy accomplishment!   Meeting Pat when he was just a puppy, way back in the day,  it thrills me to see what a creative force he has become.  We’re candid and fun, and at times, a bit all over the place, but that’s what makes The C Spot a great listen. Hit us up! @patcauley @cspottalk

This vlog below actually features my social media guy, Peter Soby. I just wasn’t in the right mood to be in front of the camera, but I am holding the camera and you will definitely hear me adding my two cents to Peter’s commentary about the show. Besides, Peter showed up wearing a tie… So, I figured it was only apropos to put him on camera!