Cool Beans, Hot Sh-t & The “Nasty” C Spot

Bob Knorpp, the infamous host of the number 1 marketing podcast, “The Bean Cast” – joins me today for a heated discussion about branding, direct response, efficiencies and pool tables. You see, I’ve been a guest on Bob’s show, which I enjoy listening to each week, but today it was about Bob being on my show, damn it.   No doubt he knows how to pitch because he did a great job for the first 15 minutes.  (I couldn’t get a word in edgewise…) I’ve got to take lessons from him.  It’s an interesting conversation that stems from a brand’s internal operations being key to their overall marketing success.  Difficult to explain, yes.  But Bob, again, does a great job in the first 15 minutes.  I agree and disagree with Bob today – but not so much on “operational branding” but it being the solely the key to unlocking  paid, owned and earned media in order to develop the brand from within as opposed to “without” – what? You have to listen…  This is a complete departure for The C Spot as I go head to head with the Cool Bean himself.  BTW Bob named my show a year ago and I come to find how he is embarrassed because it’s so “nasty”.  Say what? @cspotalk @cdirectresponse

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