I Celebrated Rosh Hashanah on Christian Broadcasting – Who Knew?


Last night was the eve of the jewish new year Rosh Hashanah commencing 10 days of introspection and then culminates with a day of atonement and fasting, Yum Kippur.

During this time Jews, like me, are able to secure their place in G-D’s “book” by making amends for past year, “God willing” you get a place in G-D’s book.  Yes, he keeps a list of who stays and who leaves this physical world in the coming year.  It’s kind of like Santa’s but the gift is life.

G-D’s “list” or “book” has nothing to do with if you were naughty or nice but if you are able to forgive and be forgiven – to recognize your sins and your good deeds.  Mostly, I think, it have gratitude for another chance.

Since the Hebrew calendar follows the Moon (not the sun), the first night of Rosh Hashanah falls appropriately on the evening of the New Moon in the 7th month.   The shofar is blown, a trumpet like sound from a rams horn, that reaches the heavens and allows joy to rain upon all.   We then have 10 days to recognize and apologize for our sins, until Yum Kippur when, in so many words, they are purged and we start anew by fasting.

I digress.

So, today I couldn’t make it to services, but I could make it to Youtube where I discovered the most glorious service on CBN.  YES, the Christian Broadcasting Network with Pastor Paul Wilber.  I was not only shocked by the amount of people, but by the amount of preparation, the dancers, musicians, and joy that must have gone into this remarkable service for a jewish holiday by christians.


It was the most glorious and beautiful service I have ever witnessed.  I told my husband (an Italian catholic) that I want to be there in Virginia Beach next year because I must experience it live.  It not only made me break-out in dance but cry with joy as well.


The love and acceptance by the Christian community for a jewish holiday, well it moved me more than a few times.  It was the purest injection of joy into my soul that I’ve had in a very long time.  There was no division of race or religion, there was no hate, there was just pure love and joy – it didn’t matter in whose name.

Shana Tovah to all and to all a good year!