Cool Beans, Hot Sh-t & The “Nasty” C Spot

Bob Knorpp, the infamous host of the number 1 marketing podcast, “The Bean Cast” – joins me today for a heated discussion about branding, direct response, efficiencies and pool tables. You see, I’ve been a guest on Bob’s show, which I enjoy listening to each week, but today it was about Bob being on my show, damn it.   No doubt he knows how to pitch because he did a great job for the first 15 minutes.  (I couldn’t get a word in edgewise…) I’ve got to take lessons from him.  It’s an interesting conversation that stems from a brand’s internal operations being key to their overall marketing success.  Difficult to explain, yes.  But Bob, again, does a great job in the first 15 minutes.  I agree and disagree with Bob today – but not so much on “operational branding” but it being the solely the key to unlocking  paid, owned and earned media in order to develop the brand from within as opposed to “without” – what? You have to listen…  This is a complete departure for The C Spot as I go head to head with the Cool Bean himself.  BTW Bob named my show a year ago and I come to find how he is embarrassed because it’s so “nasty”.  Say what? @cspotalk @cdirectresponse

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Ann-Twat Pera-Gine-ah Lives!

In studio is the one, the only, the amazing….drum role…ANN -TWAT PERA-GINE-AH!  Once upon a time on a stage at the Comedy Club in L.A., the true story of a tortured young Italian girl from Brooklyn came to be told and then became a Hollywood Urban Legend. As a stand up comic, my guest told it like it was for her growing up in Brooklyn – it was hysterical then and still is today.  You see in Brooklyn you don’t survive without a street name so from the ever so dainty Antoinette Peragine, came Ann-TWAT Pera-GINE-ah!  Even the nuns at her all girls catholic high school knew her as Ann-Twat.  What they didn’t know was that she would become a woman of incredible accomplishments!  Perhaps it was that name that gave Antoinette the drive and bravado to take on anything that came her way – to meet fear head on.
I am so lucky to know this lady…and even luckier to have her in-studio with me today.  As Tina, in the Off Broadway play, Tony and Tina’s Wedding, she married “Tony” 365 times and then 10 years later… married him for real!  Today she is known as the “ Wedding Buddha” from her appearance on a TLC reality show where she honed in on her ability to create magical weddings [].  On top of that she staffs over 1,000 events a year with her “Before the Party” event staffing business. Whew… I’m out of breath… Antoinette is a remarkable woman who brings light and love to all she meets.  You may never have a chance to meet her – and that’s okay because she shares her wisdom and passion for life and success on today’s show!
You can listen to the show, or download the show over at iTunes. Please be sure to subscribe to my iTunes podcast while you’re there!! And give it a rating [hopefully excellent]!!

2 Persians and a Jew

Marketing – Marketing and more Marketing! Or is it? Today’s show features 2 very different people with one thing in common, their roots are in Iran. Nadia Lessani, currently with C Spot Run Direct ( as the leader of the “Free US Hispanic World” came to the USA 30 years ago with her parents and Shah Sharyari came to the USA only 10 years ago. Both tell their own personal story of how to become a successful entrepreneur. This is one of those shows that bring humor, passion, truth and personal secrets to the forefront and give great tips on how to overcome challenges and live your dream. Oh, BTW. I’m the Jew. 🙂 Nadia built the US Hispanic direct response industry back in 2002 having the foresight into the buying power of 49 millions Hispanics. And Shah owns ABSS4L automotive with the exclusive rights to a specialize coating for cars from the Netherlands. Odd couple? Maybe. Great show? Absolutely. It’s the fastest 50 minutes you’ll ever listen to, so you better get started!

I Can’t Hear You!

Jennifer S. Wilkov, to put it lightly, is a media personality.  Well, let’s say super personality and public figure known by many as a #1 radio show host, best-selling award winning author, international speaker, freelance writer, and the “girl next door”!  Just kidding.  Today’s show focuses on an extraordinary 2 day event happening in March 2013 called “Get Your Voice On” – but wait there’s more! It’s planned for the next 9 years.  It’s a huge endeavor and just the way Jennifer and Michele like it!  Go Big or Go Home, right?

Jennifer’s partner Michele Mattia was my (rock’n) guest August 30, 2012  Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.  Listen and find out how a tree changed her life…seriously.

So instead of ranting on about this week’s show, take a listen now.   Afterwards, make sure to check out Jennifer’s new book, Boys before Business: The Single Girl’s Guide to Having it All.  I got my voice on with The C Spot – how will you get yours on? March 1-2 2013 in NYC!