Alicia Coppola & Gracefully Gone

In-studio today is actress Alicia Coppola who has just launched her first book “Gracefully Gone.”   Alicia is an actress, mother, wife and passionate, raw and authentic author who tells her story of losing the love of her life, her father.  Creatively compiled and told through actual memoirs of her and her father’s, it’s a story of a young girl coming of age while losing her father to brain cancer.   One could call it an easy enjoyable read.  I call it the ultimate consumer experience. And that, in marketing, is the golden egg.

But, bringing a book (product) to market is a huge challenge even for a celebrity.  A chance meeting in the bathroom of Fantastic Sam’s was key to Gracefully Gone being available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble today.   For those of you thinking about writing a book, any kind of book,  self-publishing AND bringing it to market, this is the right spot for you!

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WTF are they thinking!

This past week a few things happened in my 20 year career in direct response that, well let’s put it this way, sent me over the proverbial “edge”.  Nadia Lessani has joined me in studio to share her discoveries about the closed minded direct response television industry and how closed minded, and uncreative it really is.  Learn  C Spot Run Productions has managed to stay out side of that darn box, and be vibrant with new ideas in the creative approach and how blending for the past 16 years the knowledge of the backend management with the front end creative has been a winning solution.   Today I grew a set of balls and went where no one has gone before.  Call me crazy…but someone has to call it, and that’s what I did today.  Enjoy the rant and then us out at  For your latest work go to my YouTube channel, Wendi Cooper formerly known as C Spot Run Direct (channel until Youtube changed it).

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Get Ready to Sweat!

Have you ever woken up and knew that what you were doing in life just wasn’t working and it was time for a drastic change?  Of course you have, but did you make the change?  Kimberly Fowler, Founder of YAS Fitness Centers ( in Venice, California, did after being impaled on a tree stump while hiking alone on Mt. Charleston, NV.  Kimberly managed to survive but when she awoke in the hospital it was clear that it was time to make a change. But what change?  Today, 10 years later, that change resonates across America.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta calls YAS (Yoga for Athletes and Spinning) irreverent. Shape Magazine calls her “The Godmother of Hybrids.”  New Face of Modern Yoga and Indoor Cycling, Kimberly is a published author, philanthropist, feminist, athlete, speaker, marketer, merchandiser and successful entrepreneur.   Just 10 short years ago YAS didn’t exist and now it’s ubiquitous with fitness.  What makes YAS so different?  Why is it so successful?  How did she do it? What can you learn from Kimberly’s story?  You got it, this is where I tell you to listen and learn how to create a brand beyond your wildest vision.

Mentions:  Ally McBeal,  butts against the glass, Joakim Noah’s over sized yoga mats, Mariah Carey, Tommy Lasorda, Costa Rica, and Yoga + Spirits – the booze kind.

Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind

Since I was at the ERA D2C Conference in Las Vegas this past week, I decided to replay this show with guest Michele Mattia because it’s one of my favorite shows so far this year…

How do you change your life?  How do you take your product, your career, your invention, your passion to the next level?

I loved this show!   Michele Mattia ( is a best selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Certified Life Design Coach, as well as Creative Strategist.  Usually I’m not at a loss for words about my guest, but this interview turned into 50 minutes of pure inspiration and has left me thinking…everyone will take something away from this show – and how grateful I am to have had Michele on The C Spot.  Once an owner of a successful technology consulting firm in Manhattan, Michele transformed her life after refusing to push a little girl named Layla on a tire swing.  I know that each of you will find a message that will resonate with your soul and put you on the road to finding your purpose in life.

Please make sure to check out “Get Your Voice On” which is a time and place for women to celebrate, collaborate and connect – happening for the first time in March 2013 during Women’s History Month. Visit

See C Spot Talk about Chinese Cardboard?!

 Chinese Cardboard Oh My!

Owner of AVC Corp, Guy Marom, and his new addition to the AVC team, Nathan Heidrich, visit me in-studio for a hot conversation about boxes.  It may sound boring but it’s not because it’s the most important part of bringing any product to market!

It’s important to understand why you should think “in the box” long before you think “out of the box.”  Are you as sick of that expression as I am? My good friend Guy Marom has 25 years of experience in the packaging, printing and media replication industry – in fact he consulted with Walmart/Sam’s Club on their Green Initiative and currently his latest contribution, the “Envirobox”, cuts plastic out all together and increases cube utilization up to 40%.  Say what?  That means you can fit more product into a container, or on a shelf, (I think) so when you are rocking it at Costco you will appreciate the huge savings. AVC is simply a turn-key packaging company willing to work with billion dollar brands (dah) and entrepreneurs alike.

BTW – you know those clam shell packs that make you go Postal?  Or  those BIG GIANT BIG BOX stores that sell you BIG GIANT packages with nothing inside – sort of like the Apple Care Box you pay $$$$$ for?  We even talk about the dirty little secrets of Chinese Cardboard and why you need to test in the USA .

Bottom line, AVC takes you from concept to consumer – if you are just starting out or making a switch to reduce costs or want to go GREEN…you just found the place to go for everything you need.

Nathan is the guy that will shepherd your project from start to finish… it’s well known in the packaging circles that there is very little he hasn’t done to paper.   Enjoy the show…and then hit up Nathan at  visit

A sexy box never hurt anyone.

This week 9/6/12 on The C Spot ( I’m going to have 3 guys (one is actually named Guy, and no he’s not Italian) in-studio to talk all about BOXES.  Okay, let’s make it a little sexier…packaging.

Think about it for 2 seconds.  Do you throw your IPhone; IPad; IMac or MacBook Pro box away?  What about the last TV you bought, is the box still in the garage?

Look around right now, I bet you see a box or two or three very close by.  In fact, right now I see Rosetta Stone to my left; a storage filing box to my right on the floor begging to be sealed up with my 2011 taxes; a Big Match box in the drawer of my push around file; a black shiny box printed with the words Eye Majic on it from a client; a very classy (expensive) box from Halpern Photography keeping the unframed family photos safe -leaning against the wall; and a box of business cards that still has the 500 cards from last year that I  now need to reprint and that will arrive in a minimum of 2 more boxes.

Look, bringing a product, any product, to market takes a box.

So come and climb inside the world of boxes with me, and discover just how sexy a box can be and why you need to learn as much as you can about boxes (packaging) so you don’t spend time and money trying to figure it out.  Nothing is worse than a crappy cheap box to turn your customers off.

There is really something to be said for a sexy box.  (Ouch did I really just say that?)


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Guy Moram from AVC Corp – guest 9/6/12

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I have one question.

It’s a hot summer night and my front door is open for fresh air.  The only problem is my MOJO just flew right out.

It irritates me to no end when I write  a blog that’s eloquent and incredibly insightful and it disappears when I save it.

Since I am no longer in the mood to be eloquent or insightful, I’ll cut right to the chase.

Why is marketing such a pain in the ass?  Okay, better said, so difficult?  After all it appears to be fun, cool, creative and pretty easy.  I mean how difficult could it be to think up…JUST DO IT!  or GO WORLD or for that matter…PRICELESS.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, artist, actors, musicians, authors, small business owners, fitness gurus, celebrities [with their token products] mom and pop,  Fortune 500 companies, bascially think it’s so darn easy.  On top of that, they all know exactly what [you] need to do.

I can still hear the gal on the other end of the phone last week clearly spelling out exactly how the marketing of her product/invention will be done.  I mean she might as well have been Spielberg.  The reality is, she was totally off base.

I can go with it if it’s P&G.  But after 20 years, I still struggle with saying…”don’t quit your day job”.



Social Snail Mail

This morning I sent an email to a marketing {expert} friend about  a “direct mail” piece that came via snail mail yesterday.  When I told him who it was from, he said, “Maybe they don’t think you’re digital.”  Really?

I usually get a lot of charity stuff and my husband tries to throw it away before I see it, but this one envelope was from FaceBook.  I thought that was really odd.  So I opened it and it was, and still is, a cheesy flyer offering $100 worth of free ads for my business.  I thought, can this be real?  Is this a joke? FaceBook a direct mail piece!!%#? And what’s more, in the mail box of a direct response marketing expert!

If I was just another “business” would I think I better take advantage now before it’s too late?  Before I lose out on the opportunity to get $100 of free ads and reach billions of people around the world!  I know the answer…

But, does Zuckerberg know this is happening? How embarrassing!  Snail mail selling social media ads.  What’s next?  Of course, the small print discloses it’s only for first time FaceBook advertisers or new agencies (what does that mean?) when they participate in FB’s “Start to Success” program.  Crap, I’m disqualified.

Here’s my point.  I’ve finally broken down and created this blog.  I should have a long time ago for sure in an effort to be more digitally social and support my radio show (The C Spot on  But now that I have spent the day being digital, because FB has determined that I am not, then should I not hire that new person to do my blogging, posting, tweeting, and facing {booking}?  Or should I just remain human and get excited when I check the mail.

So in marketing your product what do you think?  Take the lead from the largest social media site in the Universe and create a flyer to send snail mail?  Or buy ads on FaceBook?

It’s ironic how a site that needs to selling digital ads uses the oldest method there is to engage the consumer.  Zuckerberg…I’ll gladly produce a DRTV spot for FaceBook – “Call now you’ll be glad you did!”