I Celebrated Rosh Hashanah on Christian Broadcasting – Who Knew?


Last night was the eve of the jewish new year Rosh Hashanah commencing 10 days of introspection and then culminates with a day of atonement and fasting, Yum Kippur.

During this time Jews, like me, are able to secure their place in G-D’s “book” by making amends for past year, “God willing” you get a place in G-D’s book.  Yes, he keeps a list of who stays and who leaves this physical world in the coming year.  It’s kind of like Santa’s but the gift is life.

G-D’s “list” or “book” has nothing to do with if you were naughty or nice but if you are able to forgive and be forgiven – to recognize your sins and your good deeds.  Mostly, I think, it have gratitude for another chance.

Since the Hebrew calendar follows the Moon (not the sun), the first night of Rosh Hashanah falls appropriately on the evening of the New Moon in the 7th month.   The shofar is blown, a trumpet like sound from a rams horn, that reaches the heavens and allows joy to rain upon all.   We then have 10 days to recognize and apologize for our sins, until Yum Kippur when, in so many words, they are purged and we start anew by fasting.

I digress.

So, today I couldn’t make it to services, but I could make it to Youtube where I discovered the most glorious service on CBN.  YES, the Christian Broadcasting Network with Pastor Paul Wilber.  I was not only shocked by the amount of people, but by the amount of preparation, the dancers, musicians, and joy that must have gone into this remarkable service for a jewish holiday by christians.


It was the most glorious and beautiful service I have ever witnessed.  I told my husband (an Italian catholic) that I want to be there in Virginia Beach next year because I must experience it live.  It not only made me break-out in dance but cry with joy as well.


The love and acceptance by the Christian community for a jewish holiday, well it moved me more than a few times.  It was the purest injection of joy into my soul that I’ve had in a very long time.  There was no division of race or religion, there was no hate, there was just pure love and joy – it didn’t matter in whose name.

Shana Tovah to all and to all a good year!

Get ready to enter the No Fly Zone!

Daynin Dashefsky, President and founder of The Inventors World Network, Inc., is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur and one of the most amazing ladies on this planet!  Daynin is packed full of energy, wisdom and experience.  It’s been about 10 years since I first met Daynin as a new inventor with her No Fly Zone at a showcase in Las Vegas.  After mentoring her in 1999 for a short time, Daynin went on to become a successful entrepreneur and inventor advocate.    If you are an inventor or an entrepreneur with a product – like I always say, this is the show you need to listen to!   You can get Daynin’s Inventors World Network DVD series for only $99.00 (usually $399.00) when you mention The C Spot! Just contact her at Daynin@Daynin.com

Listen/download the show here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/get-ready-to-enter-no-fly/id513363396?i=221130580&mt=2

ButtTalks with Dr. LaGrasso

From my Thursday, November 19, 2013 show – Dr. Jeffery La Grasso is a world renown plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  He was selected to complete a prestigious Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, a rare honor.  What has plastic surgery got do to with marketing?  Good question.  As it turns out Dr. La Grasso not only shares tips on how to find the right plastic surgeon, but also what makes a great Brazilian Butt Lift, the hottest thing in plastic surgery today,  and the truth behind TV commercials that claim to give you an “instant face lift”, special dollar deals for plastic surgery; and why marketing should be part of medical school!  I really enjoyed this very enlightening interview…and I know you will too!  Www.brushwoodmediagroup.com

Listen/download the show here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/butttalks-with-dr.-lagrasso/id513363396?i=192723722&mt=2

Coops, Connect & Sober Soby

Oct. 10, 2013 –  Wendy Knecht is President of Connect Concepts, LLC a product development and marketing representation, licensing to retail and the direct response industry. On- air representation and coaching.

Connect Concepts specializes in INNOVATION and has developed, and has helped others develop, many products that are tailored to direct marketing as well as traditional retail. Wendy has personally developed over 17 products, and a line of bags called Beyond A Bag (www.beyondabag.com). Wendy has worked with everyone from small inventors to large companies to get their ideas and products finished and out into the marketplace. It’s the perfect guest for the “Spot” where we talk about everything you need to bring a product to market…enjoy the show!

Listen to/download the iTunes Podcast of the show here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/october-10-2013/id513363396?i=169078553&mt=2

A tale of 3 charities…

As I sat in the opulent offices of the cavernous LATalkRadio studios, I looked across at the empty chair where Wendi Cooper usually sits, and shouted,”Wendiiiiii. Can you hear meeee?” But alas, she could not hear me, Peter Soby, because she was in Las Vegas at the ERA D2C 2013 Convention. So I got to be Wendi Cooper this week. And since I was Wendi Cooper, I brought Kathy Christopherson in to be my me (Since I am usually Wendi’s sidekick)! And it’s confusing banter just like that that got the show started off this week!
But in all seriousness, I had a great time filling in for Wendi. And Kathy did an amazing job filling in for me! When Wendi handed me the keys to the show, I decided that I wanted to do a show spotlighting 3 Los Angeles-based charities. First off, Fritz Coleman, the extraordinary weatherman from NBC4, called in, and he talked about the charity called, Valley Interfaith Council (VIC).
Next, we got a phone call from Sylvie De Toledo, the Founder of Grandparents as Parents (GAP). Sylvie is an amazing woman and she talked about the organization and also the fact that she is one of the Top 25 nominees in the CNN Heroes showcase. And this is out of over 10,000 individuals and organizations nominated!
Finally, Kathy spoke on behalf of the amazingly compassionate charity called Dirty Dog Squad, an animal rescue organization.
We certainly missed Wendi this week and I look forward to having her back next week and hearing all about her adventures at the Direct 2 Consumer Convention. But today was a really nice breather to spotlight some amazing individuals and charities doing some incredible things for people and animals! Stay tuned next week for Wendi and more direct response!
Below are the websites of all the charities mentioned in the show. You should go to each of them and learn something about them and perhaps donate your time or money. Thanks for listening!
Valley Interfaith Council (VIC) www.VIC-LA.org
Grandparents as Parents (GAP) www.grandparentsasparents.org
Dirty Dog Squad www.dirtydogsquad.org
Project Don’t Go Back (PDGB) www.PDGB.org – I did a “shout out” at the end of the show for this organization. They are amazing as well. They are doing outreach for men who live in halfway houses who have been released from prison and jail and offer them aide and support in their transition back to the outside world. Be sure to check them out.
You can listen to the show or download the show and listen later at the following links:

Protein People & Digital Purgatory

Guest Mitch Joel – President of Twist Image, Author of 2 books, Six Pixels of Separation and Control Alt Delete, and overall digital marketing guru, spends 50 minutes on The C Spot sharing his wisdom AND why we need to Reboot our Business and Reboot Our Lives.  Mitch is a leading digital visionary who also has a kick ass podcast called Six Pixels of Separation on ITunes.  Our conversation consisted of topics such as:  What is the One Screen Mentality, Simplifying through Utility, Mobile 1st, The Rules of Social and IRL (In Real Life).  Why our digital selves may be different than our protein selves – say what?  There’s so much to talk and way too little time.  You can follow Mitch on Twitter @mitchjoel  or www.Twistimage.com or buy his latest book on Amazon “Control Alt Delete” then you can  reboot your business and your life.  Thanks for listening!

You can listen to it as an ‪#‎iTunesPodcast‬ right here:  www.ow.ly/noWKr

M-Deuce is in the HOUSE!

M-Deuce is a vibrant Hip-Hop artist from Seattle, Washington. He is part of a team called Loony Productions (www.loonyproductions.com). He, and producer James Gregory Jr., have been making music together since 2007. Joining the journey along the way is Simmer DZ, on vocals, Ryan Kirk and Brian Montgomery on web, video and public relations. With well over 3 million views on YouTube between the current M-Deuce hit “My #1 Fan, a tribute to his mother (my dear friend and amazing woman, Karen) and “Let Me Live,” an anti-bullying/anti-violence song and video, people are looking at Hip-Hop with a new set of eyes. With a positive message and passion to take adversity, in the most raw sense, (his life) and turn it into a powerful platform for change, M-Deuce takes HIP-HOP to a new dimension. Mainstream naysayers, will become fans, and M-Deuce will change this world with his lyrics, his music, and his love for humankind. This Hip-Hop is truly poetry in motion.

I met M-Deuce for the first time today. I have known his mother for 7 years, and I have known of their journey, which M-Deuce writes about in “Successful Failures” wisdom of aspiring musicians, by Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D. Available on Amazon. “Be good to each other, that’s when happiness will find you.” M-Deuce, Let me Live.

The ‪#‎iTunesPodcast‬ link will be in the comments section soon. In the meantime, you can play/download the show on LATalkradio at this link… http://www.latalkradio.com/Players/Cspot.shtml?date=July+18,+2013&file=071813

Alicia Coppola & Gracefully Gone

In-studio today is actress Alicia Coppola who has just launched her first book “Gracefully Gone.”   Alicia is an actress, mother, wife and passionate, raw and authentic author who tells her story of losing the love of her life, her father.  Creatively compiled and told through actual memoirs of her and her father’s, it’s a story of a young girl coming of age while losing her father to brain cancer.   One could call it an easy enjoyable read.  I call it the ultimate consumer experience. And that, in marketing, is the golden egg.

But, bringing a book (product) to market is a huge challenge even for a celebrity.  A chance meeting in the bathroom of Fantastic Sam’s was key to Gracefully Gone being available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble today.   For those of you thinking about writing a book, any kind of book,  self-publishing AND bringing it to market, this is the right spot for you!

Download/Listen on iTunes  http://ow.ly/mvtW2

Chris Steele: Upholder of Justice, Entrepreneurs & Trampolines

My guest this week was Chris Steele. He is an actor, spokesman, entrepreneur, radio show host and advocate for entrepreneurs all across America. He is being considered for a role of playing a superhero on a TV show which is apropos: Chris is the most handsome guy I know in all of Direct Response if not all of the television-hosting space. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sit across from him and look at him while interviewing him since he was calling in from his office. If you want to see how handsome Chris is, go ahead and Google him, just be careful because you never know what might come up! Chris makes sure to clarify to Google “Actor Chris Steele” so you don’t get any surprises! (Or, you can just go to: http://www.actorchrissteele.com)

Besides acting and being a spokes man, Chris is a true family man and he is a great free spirit. He and his wife and kids rented an RV for one year and traveled across the whole country homeschooling the kids along the way while exposing them to all of America. Next, Chris realized the potential of recreation and exercise with trampolines and opened up his own huge trampoline center. Finally, he has a weekly radio show called American Underdog (www.americanunderdog.com) which actually has a format quite similar to mine. He interviews entrepreneurs from across America and advocates for them and gives them helpful tips as well as giving them a platform to market their invention or product. By the end of the show, Chris and I both came to the realization that everybody is really connected and the service we provide for people out there is really great because it gives us the opportunity to help so many people expose and market themselves and their products. And what is better in life than the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone else! I will be at the Response Expo next week so I will be replaying my show from December 20, 2012 interviewing the inspiring Peter Soby. I will be back live next Thursday, August 11. Until then… Go out and find somebody to help or do a good deed for!


Passion & Love Etched in Stone!

I am so blessed to have two of the most creative people I have ever met on my show today – Jay and Crystal Nadeau of the Nadeau Collection, .  The most inspiring young couple that took a passion for artisan tile work, and created a world renown brand.  This is a true entrepreneurial heartwarming story of a couple that complement each other and make this world a better place.  Here is a tidbit about their creations, together.  www.nadeaucollection.com

Translating design influences from throughout the world and across time, the Nadeau Collection celebrates the artistic heritage of ancient and indigenous cultures, as well as modern Asian, Indian, European, African, and South American folk and fine art traditions. The Nadeau design team eagerly explores these sources for new patterns while experimenting with size, scale, and selection of stone and glass. The end results are designs that enable the natural beauty of these tiles to complement the unique character of your home.

Every show brings something new to the curious about bringing a product to market even if that product is you, and today it couldn’t have been more true.