On The C Spot last Thursday was Fritz Coleman, Southern California’s “Best Weathercaster” – [NBC] Channel 4 News since 1982; a stand up comedian and  serious humanitarian, Fritz has been honored for his dedication to community service many times.  In 1999 the City of Los Angeles named Fritz Coleman the “Treasure of Los Angeles.” He received the  Humanitarian of the Year Award from the US House of Representatives for his fundraising efforts on behalf of the American Red Cross.  In 2004 Fritz received two Humanitarian Awards, one from the Shelter Partnership and the other from the California Hospital Medical Center.  Fritz’s love for life and family is his nature.   No wonder he also loves to be a stand-up comic.  Fritz has performed at The Improv and The Ice House, and on September 28, 2013 he’ll bring his act,  “Fritz and Friends an Evening of Comedy” to VIC (Valley Interfaith Council), in support of its assistance program for the elderly.  What drives Fritz Coleman?  What’s it like to be on TV for 31 years talking about the weather? How did Fritz inspire me to get closer to the open mic?    You may be thinking, “what has this got to do with marketing?”   It has everything to do with marketing! Whenever I can use my show to bring attention to serious and worthy causes then The C Spot IS the marketing tool.  Internet radio reaches around the world.  Internet radio lives online in podcasts forever.  It’s available to share and download 24/7 365!   What better way to keep a cause alive than to do so through Internet Radio?  It’s the smartest marketing tool today!   It is our responsibility as humans to use our voice to make this world a better place.  Of course, in true Cooper style, I reveal secret Fritz sightings as far back as 1989 on Sunset Blvd., and bring to light 3 degrees of separation that we share on many levels.  Remember, September 28, 2013 at 6PM at VIC 818-880-4842 ext 3002 for donations, tickets and VIP seating and reception – it’s sure to be Fritzmania! – delivering over 350,000 meals on wheels a year and so much more!  Thanks for listening!

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Does it always rain on Portland?

This week I too am a listener and what a fun, interesting, wacky, eclectic, looking-for-love, subconscious kind of Valentine’s Day show today! With great featured guest, Certified Hypnotherapist JOE TABBANELLA, his wife [and former guest] ANTOINETTE PERAGINE, (Tony and Tiny of Tony and Tina’s Off Off Broadway play) and gracious callers Portland and Jennifer, discuss how to use your mind to get what you want out of life.  Then there was Peter who was stuck in the parking garage because the elevator wasn’t working and since Peter is confined to a wheel chair Tracy decided she would patch him from the depths of “Hell”.  Although I have to disagree on “Hell” as I think the parking garage is a lovely place where I find Carlos, an angel in disguise each week.  Tracy Metro does take us on a wonderful departure from “marketing” talk but I’m back on the 21st to get those engines started again!  Take a listen and learn how to get what you want in life and how hypnosis can help!

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Metro Mars and Fish – Oh My!

Tracy Metro ( filled in for me today and brought with her the most fascinating guest EVER! Albert Fisher, an award winning Writer, Director, Producer and Network Executive joins the bubbliest personality in Hollywood (make sure to check out Tracy’s credits too) and together take you on a “personal” journey from 1951, the Golden Age of Television, to 2013 the Digital Age of Reality Television…did I just say that?. Please check out Albert’s site at while you listen…you know like going to a museum and renting the recorded head sets – only in reverse.

Kick up your feet for the next 50 minutes and travel back to when Elvis Presley was young, Frank Sinatra was looking for a job, Steven Spielberg, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Merv Griffin, Ted Mac, and John Glenn where riding high in Hollywood or not so high but on their way. Find out who coined the phrase Close Encounters of the 1, 2nd and 3rd Kind; and how Mars Rocks, Patty Hearst, The Hoboken 4, 1962 World’s Fair and, wait for it… UFO’s share 1 degree of separation. Thanks for listening.

Life is Better with Peter

Today’s show is all about challenge and inspiration.  Peter Soby, my right hand, friend and social media master is my guest today.  At the ripe age of 19 years old Peter, already a successful entrepreneur, found himself paralyzed from a spinal cord injury from the neck down, after diving into unknown shallow waters one hot summer night.  I thought it was appropriate to end 2012 with a show dedicated to Peter because he brings to The C Spot a POV on life and it’s challenges, on being an entrepreneur and how face challenges head on to follow your dreams.  Peter’s story about coming to Hollywood and his run ins with famous producers is hilarious.  A writer, producer and director Peter’s true passion is on opening a Donut Shop by 2014.  I know. But that’s what he wants – and I’m sure he will get it!  This is one of those stories that make us look in the mirror and say “What the heck am I complaining about?”   Personally, I believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and Peter Soby  reminds me every day of how life is to be celebrated even if it means spending it in a wheelchair.  The most gracious and humble person I know that is truly committed to making the lives of those around him better.  Let the next 50 minutes change your life.  You can contact Peter at  or find him on Facebook.  Thanks for a great year everyone!