When you get stretched so thin you forget you have a blog site.

So I get an email today from WordPress.  “We are just reminding you that we will be charging your credit card $99.00 for your site “C Spot Talk”.  What?  I have a site called C Spot Talk.  Wait it even has content from my past shows on LA Talk Radio that I completely forgot I ever did.  It’s actually pretty cool.  2014 was only 2 years ago, but let’s face it a whole lot of stuff has happening in all of our lives over the course of 2 years.

Actually I have been at a new network, UBNRadio.com, for the past 2 years.  Okay, I’ll cut to the chase.  I now have a successful toilet stool company called easyGopro – Go time just got easier, (easygopro.com) which is actually the #2 toilet stool in the USA.  That’s a long story and one, since I am back, that I will be talking about from not only a creative marketing perspective but also from a personal perspective as an entrepreneur using growth hacking tactics to grow a CPG brand and new category.  It’s a really interesting story.

I am going to make the best effort possible to post each week, if not more.  I want to share  wisdom from so many different angles, discoveries and findings across all spectrums, personal opinions about just about anything, and  stuff that probably no one cares about but me, but so what…it’s my blog – right?   Meanwhile – you catch up with my life for the past 2 years at UBNRadio.com “C Spot Talk Marketing Unfiltered with Wendi Cooper and John Hamilton” – which is live Tuesday nights at 8PM pst.  Or just find us and download us & listen to us while you drive, walk, run, spin, drink, have sex, or on your ass on the beach, on iTunes Podcasts –  just search the directly for the same – C  Spot Talk and subscribe.  Of course go to http://www.Youtube – it’s all there!

Bottom line is – I’m glad to be back and this will be great fodder for my attempt at a couple of Memoirs I’m dying to write.  A new website is in the works – yup got that going on too… C Spot Run Productions will soon be C Spot Run Creative  www.cspotrun.com.  Can’t wait to update that site.

After 2.5 years of spending my time launching a toilet stool company and learning way more than I knew before – I am back to the place that I love…talking to you!  BTW – no time to re-read so accept the organicness and errors…(Just made that up.)

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