It’s not Rocket Science it’s Entertainment – People!

Blair Taylor – Top Commercial Talent Agent in Hollywood is in-studio today and the show starts off with crazy laughter AND FUN.  We find out much more about Blair Taylor the person but also the do’s and don’ts of building your personal brand as a commercial talent and host on Television.  If you have seen the AT&T commercials with the kids, Blair is the agent for Beck Bennett – what it took to get there and how the commercials are produced.  The true Hollywood story of how Bruce Jenner deals with reality TV.  Larry King and saying I.  Rob Kardashian’s weight gain and Skittles.  What agents look for in hosts and talent.  Why commercial talent is different than actors.  What it takes to be a product pitch person.  Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) how it got the gig and what it took to get there.  If you have ever wanted to know anything about being commercial talent, product host, or TV host, then this is the spot!  Blair Taylor is everything a Talent Agent should be and most are NOT.  Other clients are Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory and Kim Johnson from Dancing with the Stars.  Blair Taylor – – Remember to share!

You can listen to it as an ‪#‎iTunesPodcast‬ right here:

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