Paul Greenberg – Founder of Greenberg Direct, is one of the hottest infomercial producers in the business and before establishing Greenberg Direct, Inc. in 2011 he produced just about every infomercial on TV.  Here are a few you may recognize and probably have owned or have one in your garage.

H20MOP, H20VAC, FlavorWave Turbo, Steam Styler, Orbitrek Elite, TotalVibes, H2O Map Ultra, AbtroniX2, Slim ‘n Lift Supreme, Abdoer Twist, Tobi Platinum Steamer, Flavorwave Express, Total Flex, Phase 4 Orthotics, Miracle Blade, Prosvent, Walk Fit Orthotics, Debt Cures- They don’t want you to know about, and FREE Money – They don’t want you to know about.  If you combined the revenue generated by these infomercials it may just surpass the GDP of Canada!

It’s a funny and always informative show as Paul shares secrets about over the top demonstrations, 5AM wraps, and why anyone would hire a real live Bear for a weight loss show! It’s just a good time when Paul is in-studio!  Visit Paul at www.GreenbergDirect.com.

You can listen to it as an ‪#‎iTunesPodcast‬ right here:  http://ow.ly/n28K2

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