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Scott Kawolchek, CEO of Direct Avenue Media Agency www.directavenue.com returns for a focused conversation on direct response short-form commercial time and how lengths and tactics play into your success.  Learn what strategy works and what doesn’t, and why.   Find out why direct response is not bought in CPM’s or GRP’s.  (I don’t even know what those really are and am proud to admit it.)  This is a very relevant topic.

Scott is one of those guys that knows way too much, and is way too nice!  If you think you can, or can’t afford a direct response television campaign, or think you want to drive your product to retail using one, then think again my friend.  Think again.  Well, listen first and then think again and decide.  Knowledge is power and this is where you will get it without any hipster jargon or “swag”.   Thanks for checking in!  Enjoy.


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