2 Persians and a Jew

Marketing – Marketing and more Marketing! Or is it? Today’s show features 2 very different people with one thing in common, their roots are in Iran. Nadia Lessani, currently with C Spot Run Direct (www.cspotrundirect.com) as the leader of the “Free US Hispanic World” came to the USA 30 years ago with her parents and Shah Sharyari came to the USA only 10 years ago. Both tell their own personal story of how to become a successful entrepreneur. This is one of those shows that bring humor, passion, truth and personal secrets to the forefront and give great tips on how to overcome challenges and live your dream. Oh, BTW. I’m the Jew. 🙂 Nadia built the US Hispanic direct response industry back in 2002 having the foresight into the buying power of 49 millions Hispanics. And Shah owns ABSS4L automotive with the exclusive rights to a specialize coating for cars from the Netherlands. Odd couple? Maybe. Great show? Absolutely. It’s the fastest 50 minutes you’ll ever listen to, so you better get started!

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