Ahora Hable Espanol!

Have you ever wondered how to effectively reach the US Hispanic market with your brand message to increase your ROI?  Well, Denira Borrero, COO of Omni Direct, a full service US Hispanic direct response company located in Miami, FL, (www.omnidirect.tv) is today’s guest and an encyclopedia of marketing know-how!

Since the purchasing power of 59 million US Hispanics is growing, brands and retailers alike are jumping in head first.  But is that smart?  Are they aware of the secrets to multi-cultural marketing?  What can they learn from direct response marketers who have sold billions of dollars in product by engaging the Hispanic community through targeted television and specialized tactics?  The C Spot is about marketing advice and today’s show is full of it…advice that is.  So, if you think 20% of the US population can be ignored because “they” don’t have purchasing power… then I suggest you give Mitt a call, and buy a box of Kleenex.

Denira Borrero has an MBA from Columbia University Business School and a BS from SUNY Binghamton School of Management.  Currently she is serving on the Electronic Retailing Association’s Board of Directors, and is Chair of the US Hispanic Council.  Denira is responsible for all digital marketing initiatives at Omni Direct, Inc.  

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