Keeping up with the Crouthers

Thinking about direct response?  This is a must listen for inventor, entrepreneur, marketer, CMO, ad agencies and brands.

My guest today is Doug Crouthers, currently Director of New Biz at Media Stream Direct,, and one of the smartest guys I know.  Doug has over a decade of experience on the call center side where he worked his way up the ladder at Tony Hoffman Productions from taking sales calls to Vice President of Sales.

I had heard about Doug’s work at Irwin Naturals where he built a call center from the ground up in record time and held the post of VP of Teleservices from late 2005 until 2010.   Since he came to Irwin a month after my departure in late 2005, I thought of him as an urban legend up until a year ago when we met at an industry event.  Never having talked for more than 10 minutes since I realized today before the show that we had an enormous amount in common.  It was like I had found someone that spoke my native tongue in a foreign country.  You see there are a few things that are huge bones of contention for me and today I was finally able to discuss openly CLIENT SIDE CAMPAIGN CONSULTING/MANAGEMENT.  We talk in depth about what it really takes to offer this service and why it’s critical to understand the scope of work and the responsibilities that comes with the title.  After you listen – ask yourself….”Are you in good hands?” @cspottalk

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