Entrepreneur to Corporate Captive and Back Again!

This interview is the epitome of YOU being the product that YOU are bringing to market – and I love it for that reason!

It’s packed with so much passion, humor, expertise and useful advice that anyone who is a corporate captive longing to be an entrepreneur, or the other way around, needs to listen!

Today’s guest, Ben Fadavi was past president and partner of Capital Media Group from 2002 – 2010 and a successful entrepreneur at the age of 18 when his 2 person messenger service grew to over 500 employees.  During a short break Ben found himself working side by side with his ex-wife Nadia at her new venture “Capital Media”.  Nadia’s vision to create a US Hispanic Media Agency actually grew to be the biggest in the country with over 30 million dollars in billings in a few short years.

So how did Benend up at EuroRSCG in 2010?  And after 2 short years of growing Euro’s US Hispanic division to billings that exceeded some of the domestic billings, left to launch a new agency of his own?

Was Ben a corporate captive?  Is being an entrepreneur in your blood?  Find out what drives Ben’s passion to take on such a huge risk and start a new agency?    What will Ben come up with to set Mundo Media Group apart from the competition?  After the show, ask yourself…are you a corporate captive or an entrepreneur?

BTW, You may find yourself asking what is Nadia doing now?  That’s another show for sure!   You can contact Ben at Ben.Fadavi@gmail.com or Link Up on Linked In.  His new agency will soon be up and running so check back to www.MundoMediaGroup.com.  Enjoy the show!  Please remember to leave a review.

Thank you

Wendi Cooper

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