Do you have what it takes to be on TV? Of course you do!

My guest on The C Spot this past Thursday, September 20, 2012 was Scott Kawolchek.

Scott is CEO of Direct Avenue {}, established in 2007, specializing in short form branded and direct response advertising under one roof.  Scott’s background includes working on general accounts at ICG (Carat), Williams Worldwide TV and started Euro RSCG’s short form division in 1997 before creating his own agency – Direct Avenue.

We discussed the various ways that short form (not spot as that is a general market term) is purchased and planned.  Why direct response media is different than general market.  Why it’s affordable, how data is shared, how media is quantified, analyzed, rebooked, and even “dumped.”  Local markets vs. national cable. Why DRTV is bought on a national level and not locally.  Why you can afford to use TV in your marketing plan and why you MUST use it to drive awareness because it is extremely cost effective.

Find out how, why, and what it takes to bring your product to television in this informative show!

You can also download the show in it’s entirety at iTunes Podcasts! Just go to the “Business & Marketing” category and search for “The C Spot with Wendi Cooper”.

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