See C Spot Talk about Chinese Cardboard?!

 Chinese Cardboard Oh My!

Owner of AVC Corp, Guy Marom, and his new addition to the AVC team, Nathan Heidrich, visit me in-studio for a hot conversation about boxes.  It may sound boring but it’s not because it’s the most important part of bringing any product to market!

It’s important to understand why you should think “in the box” long before you think “out of the box.”  Are you as sick of that expression as I am? My good friend Guy Marom has 25 years of experience in the packaging, printing and media replication industry – in fact he consulted with Walmart/Sam’s Club on their Green Initiative and currently his latest contribution, the “Envirobox”, cuts plastic out all together and increases cube utilization up to 40%.  Say what?  That means you can fit more product into a container, or on a shelf, (I think) so when you are rocking it at Costco you will appreciate the huge savings. AVC is simply a turn-key packaging company willing to work with billion dollar brands (dah) and entrepreneurs alike.

BTW – you know those clam shell packs that make you go Postal?  Or  those BIG GIANT BIG BOX stores that sell you BIG GIANT packages with nothing inside – sort of like the Apple Care Box you pay $$$$$ for?  We even talk about the dirty little secrets of Chinese Cardboard and why you need to test in the USA .

Bottom line, AVC takes you from concept to consumer – if you are just starting out or making a switch to reduce costs or want to go GREEN…you just found the place to go for everything you need.

Nathan is the guy that will shepherd your project from start to finish… it’s well known in the packaging circles that there is very little he hasn’t done to paper.   Enjoy the show…and then hit up Nathan at  visit

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