A sexy box never hurt anyone.

This week 9/6/12 on The C Spot (latalkradio.com) I’m going to have 3 guys (one is actually named Guy, and no he’s not Italian) in-studio to talk all about BOXES.  Okay, let’s make it a little sexier…packaging.

Think about it for 2 seconds.  Do you throw your IPhone; IPad; IMac or MacBook Pro box away?  What about the last TV you bought, is the box still in the garage?

Look around right now, I bet you see a box or two or three very close by.  In fact, right now I see Rosetta Stone to my left; a storage filing box to my right on the floor begging to be sealed up with my 2011 taxes; a Big Match box in the drawer of my push around file; a black shiny box printed with the words Eye Majic on it from a client; a very classy (expensive) box from Halpern Photography keeping the unframed family photos safe -leaning against the wall; and a box of business cards that still has the 500 cards from last year that I  now need to reprint and that will arrive in a minimum of 2 more boxes.

Look, bringing a product, any product, to market takes a box.

So come and climb inside the world of boxes with me, and discover just how sexy a box can be and why you need to learn as much as you can about boxes (packaging) so you don’t spend time and money trying to figure it out.  Nothing is worse than a crappy cheap box to turn your customers off.

There is really something to be said for a sexy box.  (Ouch did I really just say that?)


Wendi Cooper is a direct response marketing expert and talk radio host of The C Spot  each Live each Thursday on LATalkradio.com CH 2

Everything you want to know about bringing a product to market even if that product is you.

Guy Moram from AVC Corp – guest 9/6/12

BTW  Check out the podcast with Marty Metro on Itunes Podcast and his website at http://www.usedcardboardboxes.com.

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