I have one question.

It’s a hot summer night and my front door is open for fresh air.  The only problem is my MOJO just flew right out.

It irritates me to no end when I write  a blog that’s eloquent and incredibly insightful and it disappears when I save it.

Since I am no longer in the mood to be eloquent or insightful, I’ll cut right to the chase.

Why is marketing such a pain in the ass?  Okay, better said, so difficult?  After all it appears to be fun, cool, creative and pretty easy.  I mean how difficult could it be to think up…JUST DO IT!  or GO WORLD or for that matter…PRICELESS.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, artist, actors, musicians, authors, small business owners, fitness gurus, celebrities [with their token products] mom and pop,  Fortune 500 companies, bascially think it’s so darn easy.  On top of that, they all know exactly what [you] need to do.

I can still hear the gal on the other end of the phone last week clearly spelling out exactly how the marketing of her product/invention will be done.  I mean she might as well have been Spielberg.  The reality is, she was totally off base.

I can go with it if it’s P&G.  But after 20 years, I still struggle with saying…”don’t quit your day job”.



One thought on “I have one question.

  1. One question…One answer…. If it was easy, then ALL the outside/nonexperienced / know-everything/ it is All about ME humans, would not have to admit their lack of intelligence etc and let the Control go…to a common sense, Hands on, Experienced in a specialized industry like yourself to get it done ,so the client has a Much better chance of quitting that day job, IF all the ducks become Swans…. Regards, Bill Oberg


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