Social Snail Mail

This morning I sent an email to a marketing {expert} friend about  a “direct mail” piece that came via snail mail yesterday.  When I told him who it was from, he said, “Maybe they don’t think you’re digital.”  Really?

I usually get a lot of charity stuff and my husband tries to throw it away before I see it, but this one envelope was from FaceBook.  I thought that was really odd.  So I opened it and it was, and still is, a cheesy flyer offering $100 worth of free ads for my business.  I thought, can this be real?  Is this a joke? FaceBook a direct mail piece!!%#? And what’s more, in the mail box of a direct response marketing expert!

If I was just another “business” would I think I better take advantage now before it’s too late?  Before I lose out on the opportunity to get $100 of free ads and reach billions of people around the world!  I know the answer…

But, does Zuckerberg know this is happening? How embarrassing!  Snail mail selling social media ads.  What’s next?  Of course, the small print discloses it’s only for first time FaceBook advertisers or new agencies (what does that mean?) when they participate in FB’s “Start to Success” program.  Crap, I’m disqualified.

Here’s my point.  I’ve finally broken down and created this blog.  I should have a long time ago for sure in an effort to be more digitally social and support my radio show (The C Spot on  But now that I have spent the day being digital, because FB has determined that I am not, then should I not hire that new person to do my blogging, posting, tweeting, and facing {booking}?  Or should I just remain human and get excited when I check the mail.

So in marketing your product what do you think?  Take the lead from the largest social media site in the Universe and create a flyer to send snail mail?  Or buy ads on FaceBook?

It’s ironic how a site that needs to selling digital ads uses the oldest method there is to engage the consumer.  Zuckerberg…I’ll gladly produce a DRTV spot for FaceBook – “Call now you’ll be glad you did!”

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